WHO IS Al-Khayat Group

is a group of companies which owns variety of businesses inIraq and abroad

The name of the group came from the name of the founder JALIL AL-KHAYAT (1927-2005).

Al Khayat group started with a small business of Garment Sewing and Textiles in Erbil in 1941 and with wise management, hard work and future vision it grew to a group of companies which people trust the name anywhere in the Iraqi market. The group continued its growth and success over three generations and expanded continuously over the years. Al Khayat Group succeeded to survive the economic fluctuation in Iraq due to wars and economic blockade and the general unstable political atmosphere in Iraq.  Al-Khayat Group has continued to rise in wide spectrum of business fields, covering different construction projects, industrial projects and international trading.

In addition to the business array of the group, Al Khayat family is one of the well-known families in Erbil city. Al Khayat family have built one of the most famous mosques in Iraq and the region (Jalil AL Khayat) mosque which located in the center of the old city..

Jalil khayat mosque

Company Goals

we're here to make a difference

Al Khayat Group since its establishment has set some goals and worked to achieve them. The group has started with a small shop and grew to become a group of companies with various businesses activities. We have worked with dedication and honesty to gain people’s trusts and are proud of our achievements and have always aimed to move forward and rise since the company’s early days.

The aim has not only been profit and business growth, but serving the community and the people have come in parallel with increasing revenue and business expansion. For us business is not only about profit, it is more about showing your people your core personal values of honesty, hardworking, passion and community growth.

Alkhayat group company branch names:

  1. Al-khayat Construction Industries Co. Ltd.
  2. Saffin Trading Agencies Co. Ltd.
  3. Konmat Construction Co.
  4. Stores-Land Trading and Investment Co.
  5. Mekin Trading Co. Ltd.
  6. K. Al-khayat Trading Co. Ltd.


Business Activity:

Al Khayat group works in many business sectors through a network of branches and offices in Iraq’s major cities with headquarter located in Erbil.


General Trading

Safin trading agencies co. LTD is the exclusive distributer of the famous Turkish home appliances brand BEKO, French engine lubricant Total in Iraq. Saffin Company has succeeded to create and sustain a good market for all of its brands.

Makin trading agencies co LTD was established to cover trading activates all over Iraq. The company is the agent for many Chinese brands and our own OEM brand for home appliance and electronics brand which is called Nice.

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Construction and Housing

Al Khayat Group started to work in construction first in 1970s by building Erbil’s first high rise building which is located in the heart of Erbil City. Later in 1980 when Iraq was thriving and going through construction boom they felt the need to fill the gap of lack of construction material in the north region of Iraq and build a factory for mosaic tiles. Later in 1980s and 1990 Al Khayat Group was very active in construction sector by building many commercial factories and warehouses. Now the company holds shares in Rehab Construction Company which lately build Zhian housing project which is one of the successful new housing projects in Erbil.

Konmat Co. for constructional Exhibition and Stores-Land Trading and Investment Co. are also part of Al-Khayat group of Companies which build and rent big exhibition building and warehouses to local and international companies who are willing to invest and start new business in the region.

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Erbil Tower Hotel which is located in the heart of Erbil City opposite to Erbil’s iconic citadel is built in the 1990’s which is considered one of the most famous hotels in the city center of Erbil. To keep up with the fast pace of development in hotels and accommodation sector, Al-Khayat Group and Mövenpick Hotels signed a contract to open a five-stars hotel in the most dynamic part of the city near Erbil International Airport. Currently, the project is under construction to be opened shortly.



Shopping Malls

Royal Mall is one of the most recent malls in Erbil built by Al-Khayat Group. It is located in one of the most vital parts of city. It consists of 4 floors of shops and 9 floors of commercial offices built with the finest materials and most recent engineering designs.



Al-Khayat Groups owns shares in UR international insurance company, a multinational company with shareholders from UAE, Lebanon and France. UR insurance company, currently works in Erbil and all over Iraq and it covers a wide range of insurance types.

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Alkhayat Group International branch companies

Nice International

Istanbul, Turkey

Alkhayat International FZCO

Jafza, Dubai, UAE

Nice International

Amman, Jordan